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Satpara Development Project (Pakistan)


Aga Khan Rural Support Programme – AKRSP

Titre : Satpara Development Project (Pakistan)

Pays : Pakistan -
Localisation : Skardu (command area of right and left bank canals of the Satpara Dam)

Date : 5 Years (March 2012-March 2017)

Objectifs  : To increase on-farm water use efficiency, agro- productivity and agro-marketing facilities within the command area of the Satpara Dam Irrigation Scheme in order to provide income generating and employment opportunities.

Groupes Cibles : * Provide efficient irrigation to more than 15,000 acres of land benefiting 12,000 households in Skardu * Organize farmers into 137 Water User’s Association for efficient management of newly developed irrigation system * Enhance productivity of High-Value Horticulture and Dairy Products by training 700 producers/farmers * Strengthen local market economy by creating 4850 jobs

Financement  : USAID, Government of USA

Aga Khan Rural Support Programme – AKRSP

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