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The Dahshur World Heritage Site Mobilization for Cultural Heritage for Community Development (Egypt)


Titre : The Dahshur World Heritage Site Mobilization for Cultural Heritage for Community Development (Egypt)

Pays : Egypte

Dates : 2 Nov 2007 — 14 Apr 2013

Identification : 00067175

The aim of the Joint Programme is fostering sustainable development and revenue generation in the community of Dahshour through attracting tourism and developing creative industries whilst protecting the area of the Dahshour pyramids and its ecosystem. Thus, the overall goal of the Joint Programme is centred on Egypt’s UNDAF Outcome 3 (2007-2011), which promotes environmental sustainability and reduction of regional human development disparities. The joint programme focused on improving the livelihoods and working conditions of the local population through targeted employment-generation activities, with special focus given to women and youth employment, as well as the development of locally driven micro and small enterprises (MSEs). Through the different activities more than 550 permanent jobs and 350 temporary jobs were created. This number will continue to increase after the project thanks to sustainability mechanisms put in place, including the development of community-owned and operated M/SMEs providing the population with access to micro-finance mechanisms. The programme managed to revive 5 heritage handicrafts and links between the producers, NGOs, designers, trade fairs and traders which enabled the trainees to sell products with a value of EGP 24 thousand (about $4,000) and have contracts and agreement to guarantee sustainability. The programme also supported the Government’s preservation and sustainable development of the historical assets of Dahshour and its pyramids as part of the Memphis and its Necropolis Word Heritage Site through the development of the Site Management and Spatial Master Plan of Memphis and its Necropolis, and supported it through capacity building initiatives. Additionally, the joint programme targeted the preservation of Dahshour seasonal Lake. As a result of the studies undertaken, the Lake was placed under environmental management by the government and in the tentative list for protected areas. The programme launched a massive Educational, Training and Awareness Programme in the community which reached 500 school students, 300 members of the community and 10 involved governmental bodies, and aimed at raising the environmental awareness and creating a platform for dialogue between the community members and the governmental authorities about the environmental issues. The JP supported the development of a Spatial Tourism Plan that was reviewed by stockholders and incorporated to the National Tourism Development Plan. As a result, the Government of Egypt, committed LE 50 million for the implementation of the Spatial Tourism Plan recommendations. The first tranche of LE 10 million was disbursed ? and used for paving roads leading to Dahshour

Financement : MDG Achievement Fund
Budget approuvé : 3,095,086 US$

MultiPartner Trust Fund Office (MPTF)

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