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A hospital for nomads in Gossi and Almalitane (Mali)


Titre : A hospital for nomads in Gossi and Almalitane (Mali)

Pays : Mali

Durée : January 2009 - March 2012 (extended in December 2009 and September 2011)

The project comprised two main objectives : to supply medication to the "Hospital for Nomads" in Gossi and to establish a fully functioning healthcare centre in Almalitane.

The health care centre became fully functional thanks to the application of anti-termite wall covering in the buildings, installation of running water in all 3 buildings, installation of solar electricity in all 3 buildings, construction of 2 toilets, acquisition of a solar refrigerator, cupboards, tables and chairs. Once the reconstruction was completed, the Foundation continued supplying medication to the hospital. Floods in the summer of 2011 partially destroyed the improved buildings. The Foundation provided emergency aid and contributed towards the reconstruction work.

Partenaire : Téranga Africa-ODSAMS

Addax & Oryx Foundation

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