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Preservation of the addax antelope (Niger)


Titre : Preservation of the addax antelope (Niger)

Pays : Niger

Durée : January 2008 - December 2010

The project built on the Foundation’s commitment to the preservation of the addax antelope and more generally to the cohabitation of peoples and the natural environment. It aimed to improve biodiversity conservation with special reference to the addax and to enhance cooperation and implication of the local population in the protection of their environment.

The unique Saharan biodiversity of the border region was retained by involving local communities in monitoring activities. As a result, no poaching of addax was identified throughout the duration of the project. The addax population seemed to maintain itself at 200 individuals and still continued to breed as young fawn and traces of young individuals were observed. The distribution factors of this nearly extinct species were documented, with the addax located in areas of good quality pastures. The local pastoral population directly contributed to and benefited from the preservation of their natural heritage.

Partenaire : The Sahara Conservation Fund (SCF)

Addax & Oryx Foundation

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