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Projet d’Appui Aux Jeunes Vulnerables (PAJEV) dans la région nord du Cameroun


Stichting Nederlandse Vrijwilligers (Foundation of Netherlands Volunteers)

Titre : Projet d’Appui Aux Jeunes Vulnerables (PAJEV) dans la région nord du Cameroun

Date : 2017 -2018

Pays : Cameroun

In the Northern Region of Cameroon un- and underemployment rates amongst young people are high both in rural and urban areas. As a result of the lack of work, some young people are enticed to join gangs or bandit groups. Others decide to migrate to other areas with more employment opportunities. Both effects lead to social and economic instability in the area.

In line with governmental objectives to increase the economic resilience of young people in the Northern region of Cameroon, the Projet d’Appui aux Jeunes Vulnerables or Project of Support to Vulnerable Youth (PAJEV) will provide young people with skills training and match them with employment. PAJEV will reach 560 people in the Ngan-Ha and Guider communities
PAJEV will provide selected young people (30% of whom are women) with vocational training and tools to generate their own income, for example in agro-pastoral activities. During the project period, about half of the trained young people will be employed in high intensive labour activities to improve infrastructure and basic services in the targeted communities. They will be for example improving roads, water ways, trails, water pits, and sanitation facilities. After the project’s conclusion, participants can start their own business using the skills they acquired. As a result of the improved local services, infrastructure and increased incomes, the project will increase the economic activity in the targeted areas, with the aim to reduce local instability and increase security.
Specifically, the project will : * Promote the economic recovery in the communes of Ngan-Ha and Guider and the resilience of 200 young men and women through access to temporary employment ; * Promote the economic integration of 560 young men and women of the Ngan-Ha and Guider communes through capacity building and the establishment of income generating production systems.

Financement : GIZ

SNV Netherlands Development Organisation

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