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Clean Cookstove Market Acceleration Project (Kenya)


Stichting Nederlandse Vrijwilligers (Foundation of Netherlands Volunteers)

Titre : Clean Cookstove Market Acceleration Project (Kenya)

Date : 2016 -2017

Pays : Kenya

Kenya is a country of approximately 45 million people comprising of 8 million households. The rural-urban split is 78%:22% and biomass provides 69% of the country’s overall energy requirements while petroleum accounts for about 22% and electricity 9%. Currently, less than 37% of households in Kenya use a form of improved cookstove. Estimations indicate that most of the ICS (improved cookstoves sector) in Kenya fall below tier 2 with more than 8,300 children dying every year as a result of acute lower respiratory infections including pneumonia, caused by the use of solid fuels

Its goal is to accelerate the uptake of 100,000 higher tier stoves by mitigating entry and market development barriers. The learning objective is to determine the long-term impacts of incentives on market transformation and the cost-effectiveness of such measures. It is expected that the project will reach more than 500,000 people with clean cookstoves during the project period ; this is calculated based on the 100,000 stoves being bought by 100,000 households. ICS reduce about 1-3 tCO2eq. it is estimated that estimate and the resultant tCO2eq per will be 41,811 at the end of the project. The incentive is based on stove performance ratings based on the IWA Tiers. The results will be based on a test protocol developed and in use by the Kenya Institute of Research and Development (KIRDI)

Mise en œuvre et partenaires : Implemented in Kenya by SNV. SNV is in partnership with the Micro-Enterprises Support Programme Trust (MESPT) in implementation

Financement : The initiative, “Clean Cookstove Market Acceleration Project” is funded by DFID through the Energising Development (EnDev) programme. The available fund for this project is 1.3 Million Euros.

SNV Netherlands Development Organisation

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