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Invader Bush to Energy (Namibia)


Energy and Environment Partnership (EEP)

Titre : Invader Bush to Energy (Namibia)

Durée/Date : 17 mois / Date non précisée (achevé en 2019)

Pays : Namibia
Localisation : Windhoek surrounding, Khomas region, Namibia

Code projet : NAM7097

The project aims to transform invader bush into a heating fuel for industrial applications, such as the steam (or high pressure hot water) generating boilers within our group and coal-replacement fuel for industrial users in Namibia. The business operation involves the selective harvesting of invader bush (primarily Sekelbos (Dichrostachys cinerea) and Swarthak (Acacia mellifera)) and processing of the biomass into a suitable fuel form (dry, chipped wood).

Organisation : O&L Energy Namibia

Energy and Environment Partnership (EEP)

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