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Improving livestock health in Eastern Sudan


Titre : Improving livestock health in Eastern Sudan

Pays : Soudan
Lieu : Gedaref, Kassala and Red Sea in Eastern Sudan

Date : January 2015 - December 2017

Contexte : Migratory pastoralists produce much of Sudan’s food supply, with 15 million animals kept in the region. The prevalence of infectious diseases and poor veterinary services in rural areas contribute to low productivity, food insecurity and low profits for small holders.

Objectif : Improving the livelihoods of rural smallholders by increasing the production and trade of livestock through better animal health

Strengthening local state technical capacity to collect accurate, up-to-date knowledge about the epidemiological status of important infectious animal diseases in order to : Improve disease control systems Improve control of cross-border livestock movements Improving the diagnostic capacity of state veterinary laboratories and quarantine facilities for early recognition of trade-relevant animal diseases Ensure rapid and effective communication of laboratory results Improving the awareness and skills of rural livestock producers on animal health, production and trade by : Training veterinarians, animal health workers and community organistions on disease control Developing communication and information systems for animal health management, production and trade.

Bénéficiaires : 427,000 vulnerable households including 108,000 women.

Partenaire (s) : State ministries in the three beneficiary states

Financement : Principal funders : European Union £2.8 million

Practical Action

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