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Flood Protection Dams Project (Oman)


Titre : Flood Protection Dams Project (Oman)

Date : Start date 7 January 2018 // End date 5 July 2019

Pays : Oman

The project aims at achieving a high level of flood risk control for the city of Muscat. It will improve and secure the urban developing areas of Muscat downstream the flood protection dams and improve the groundwater recharge. The following key results of the project are : (i) Substantially reduced (82%) entry of floodwaters from rivers into Seeb, Al-Amerat and Qurum Areas, (ii) The average flooded area by Wadi Aday and Wadi A1 Jifnain reduced respectively by 84% and 87%, (iii) Adverse social effects of flooding for 240,000 people reduced, (iv) Average annual direct flood losses reduced by 80%, (v) Incidence of water related diseases and loss of life resulting from floods avoided, and (vii) Assuring abstraction of 5 Mm3/year from the aquifer.

Islamic Development Bank

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