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Sohar to Ibri Water Supply Project (Oman)


Titre : Sohar to Ibri Water Supply Project (Oman)

Date : Start date 7 January 2018 // End date 5 July 2019

Pays : Oman

The objective of the project is to provide sustainable supply of potable water to the main towns and villages within the Ad Dhahirah region from the new 250 Ml/day desalination plant, and thereby, ensure safe health and environmental conditions in the targeted areas, where the population is expected to reach 502,000 by the year 2035. Moreover, in the long term the project is expected to contribute towards the accessibility of improved water supply in nearby regions, such as Buraymi and Batinah.

The expected project key results indicators are :
* Key Project Outputs (by 2020) : Approx. 130 km of Transmission Mains are laid and operational (Core Sector Indicator) ; - 7 Reservoirs, with cumulative capacity of 350,000 m3 for production storage and 93,000 m3 for distribution storage, and 2 balancing tanks of capacity 7,500 m3 are constructed and operational ; - 4 Pumping Stations and necessary electromechanical instruments are operational.
* Key Outcomes (by 2025) : - Quantity of improved water supply increases from 42 Ml/day in 2015 to 89 Ml/day (Core Sector Indicator) ; - Coverage of water pipe network increases from 43 percent in 2013 to 80 percent

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