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Wadi Dayqah Water Supply Project (Oman)


Titre : Wadi Dayqah Water Supply Project (Oman)

Date : Start date 23 August 2014 // End date 5 July 2019

Pays : Oman

The project aims at ensuring sustainable water supply to Muscat. It also aims at improving the welfare and socio_economic conditions of the rural population by raising the access to reliable and sustainable potable water supply and to irrigation water. At the completion of project, it is expected to (i) increase sustainable water resources by 32 Mm2 /year, sufficient to meet the demand of year 2035, (ii) increase the access to potable water in Qurriyat, Daghmar and Hayl Al_Ghauf rural areas to reach to100%, (iii) provide continuous water supply 24 hours through all the year, (iv) assure 6.82 Mm3/year of sustaibale and good irrigation water quality to irrigate 325 ha of land, and (v) increase crop production to reach 84 tons/year of fruits, vegetables,cereals and fodder.

Islamic Development Bank

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