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One Health in the Argan Forest (Morocco)


Titre : One Health in the Argan Forest (Morocco)

Pays : Maroc

Date : 2017-03-13

The livelihood of Amazigh families in the Argan Biosphere Reserve in south-west Morocco is based on the traditional use of the endemic argan tree and the making of the precious argan oil by women. Families and their animals are increasingly exposed to health challenges emerging from a degraded ecosystem (such as fatal rabies or scorpion stings) while they are losing their traditional environmental knowledge needed to protect their health and conserve their unique biodiversity.

This project is improving the health of Amazigh families and of their unique ecosystem : the argan forest. It is using a One Health approach linking up the health of people, the health of animals and the health of the environment. Amazigh families are the traditional custodians of the endemic argan forest which represents the last shield against desertification. Your support will reduce health risks emerging from a degraded ecosystem and help protect vital biodiversity.

The One Health approach is based on the links between human health, animal health and environmental health. One Health areas will be developed in villages as replicable models to disseminate good practices in biodiversity conservation, health promotion and climate change adaptation. Health modules and interventions will be specifically developed in the context of the argan forest to address people and animal welfare, pest control, water and food management, medicinal plant use.

The health and well-being of Amazigh families and their animals will be improved while conserving the argan forest, thus increasing the resilience of local communities towards climate change. After a pilot phase in four villages, the project will be replicated throughout the Argan Biosphere Reserve to reach out more than 50,000 people. The pivotal role of Amazigh women as custodians of this unique biodiversity will be promoted, thus ensuring the conservation of this unique bio-cultural heritage.

Porteur projet : Odyssey Conservation Trust

Budget : €85,260

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