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Water School - Environmental Education in Morocco


Titre : Water School - Environmental Education in Morocco

Pays : Maroc

Date : 2014-02-12 // 2020-06-25

Communities in southwestern Morocco are challenged by poor educational systems and limited natural resources. Given their low quality, schools are not regarded as valuable. Children lack opportunities to learn by doing, develop communication skills, meet new people, and explore diverse topics. The Ait Baamrane region is an ecologically fragile zone. Overlapping educational, environmental, and economic marginalisation further burden already vulnerable communities.

Living sustainably is a global challenge that requires active participation from people of all ages all around the world. February-June 2017, Dar Si Hmad’s Mobile Water School will provide experiential learning opportunities for children ages 7-13 in southwest Morocco’s Ait Baamrane region. The Water School uses environmental concerns to engage rural children in learning about the realities of the natural world, locally and globally.

Dar Si Hmad’s Mobile Water School will engage 120 students from five rural schools in southwestern Morocco in an innovative curriculum combining art, engineering, science, and mathematics through the exploration of water, sustainability, conservation, and the environment. The Water School directly responds to the needs of Ait Baamrane’s next generation, providing them with access to higher quality education today and equipping them with the knowledge their communities will need tomorrow.

Through the Water School, children learn how to employ scientific lenses to investigate the natural world. They also investigate themselves to become responsible agents of environmental & social change. The curriculum builds children’s employability skills from an early age, emphasising self-confidence, leadership, and team building. Using the environment as an avenue for empowerment improves children’s lives, builds community resilience, and enhances global sustainability.

Porteur projet : Dar Si Hmad

Budget : €8,400

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