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Help 220 underpriviledged youth advance- Botswana


Titre : Help 220 underpriviledged youth advance- Botswana

Pays  : Botswana

Date : 2019

Families trapped in the cycle of poverty, have either limited or no resources that push them into situations that further disadvantage them. Various social issues like teenage pregnancy, drug and alcohol abuse, abuse , crime and lack of education and practical skills that collectively work in a circular process making it virtually impossible for individuals to break the cycle to poverty. Their lack of financial capital, education, or connections then keeps them trapped in poverty.

Botswana Youth for Social Development Association provides free afterschool tuition and life skills programs for children and youth in disadvantaged communities to develop to their greatest potential. Our programs provide afterschool tuition and arts and crafts for in school children and woodworks and design training, beauty and cosmetics training for out of school youth. These programs are designed to better equip them for work, study, entrepreneurship, nation building and advocacy.

Our programs will enhance the shortcomings of the education system and general social support by providing a safe place to engage on various social issues and how to rise above them. BYFSD provides free tuition to the underprivileged in-school children and youth, life skills development and practical skills development to out-of-school youth to ensure work readiness and the opportunities to create employment and social support in their communities.

There will be an improvement in education within underprivileged communities having more students completing Junior Secondary School , Senior School and University. Further the increase in employability of the underprivileged due to acquired artisan skills will there by ensure an increase in general employment rates and entrepreneurship ,significantly leading to the reduction in poverty rates within poor and marginalised communities.

Porteur projet : Botswana Youth For Social Development Association

Budget : €77,490

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