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Water Basins for 8,000 Villages using Solar Power (Burkina Faso)

Burkina Faso

Titre : Water Basins for 8,000 Villages using Solar Power (Burkina Faso)

Pays  : Burkina Faso

Date : 2015-11-04// 2020-04-16

Agriculture occupies 96% of the Burkina Faso population. Precipitation is minimal and vegetation is dry Savannah land. Having water all year long is rare in the 8,000 villages of the country ; thus drought is a common occurrence. Such harsh conditions send most men and teen-age boys to neighboring countries for work, placing heavy burdens on women who stay behind and who must provide for the family. Women and children, especially girls, struggle for their very survival.

Village residents plan and build a Rain Water Catchment Basin (RWCB) to have water all year round even in the dry torrid conditions of the Sahel. With water, the transformation of villages from ’dry and dying’ to green and vibrant is amazing ! The basin taps into the existing water aquifer, raises the water table, filling dry wells. Thanks to generous donations, two villages now have market days 3 days a week all year.

Digging a RWCB in the right way and in the right place is what farmers in Burkina Faso understand is needed for their health and their livelihood. Once constructed, the short rainy season fills the catchment basin with rainwater. When located correctly, this water helps restore water aquifers and dry wells. With water available year round, the Burkinabe can enhance food security, improve health status, reduce outward migration by creating employment, and can both survive and thrive.

Rainwater catchment basins are the most effective, efficient and viable solution to drought, malnutrition, and poverty in the Sahel. Sustainable & resilient rural community development is created with full participation by village users designing & constructing RWCBs. 6,000 residents in 3 villages will have a year-round supply of water allowing agricultural production ; improved health ; empowering women ; and enabling girls to attend school. Replicating the success will continue until all are fed

Porteur projet : Community Building Group, Ltd. Inc.

Budget : €82,105

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