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Bring 15 Fatou Keita Books to 23 Village Libraries (Burkina Faso)

Burkina Faso

Titre : Bring 15 Fatou Keita Books to 23 Village Libraries (Burkina Faso)

Pays  : Burkina Faso

Date : Date non précisée

Many books in villages libraries are donations from foreign countries. While these books are important reading materials for the communities, they often include subjects that are not relevant to life in a rural African village. Patrons sometimes find them difficult to relate to and understand because they contain cultural elements and vocabulary that do not exist in Burkina Faso. When reading materials closely relate to their lives, people are more likely to improve their literacy skills.

This project will provide 15 picture books written by popular Ivorian author Fatou Keita. Kids in Burkina love these books and often come to village libraries just for them. They are perfect for emergent readers because they portray situations that occur in their neighborhoods, are written in simple French, and include beautiful illustrations on each page. Presently, 10 of FAVL’s 21 new libraries have at most a few of the Keita books, and FAVL would like to have complete sets in each library.

We will provide relevant reading materials to libraries in 23 villages in Burkina Faso. Fatou Keita is a popular children’s author and novelist from Ivory Coast, which is a neighboring country to Burkina and has a very similar culture. The books include situations and characters which are very familiar to Burkinabe children. They are also written in simple French and include beautiful illustrations on each page. Having books available will encourage kids to read and develop literacy skills.

This project enables FAVL to provide Fatou Keita to 23 village libraries in Burkina Faso. Because the books reflect their own lives and culture, kids will be encouraged to read more and more frequently visit their village library. Research shows that literacy skills improve with reading. With their increased reading fluency, kids will want to read other books and study more in school. Ultimately, this could help them stay in school longer.

Porteur projet : Friends of African Village Libraries (FAVL)

Budget : €2,435

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Page publiée le 13 juillet 2019