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Thirsty for Clean Water, Hungry for HOPE (Ethiopia)


Titre : Thirsty for Clean Water, Hungry for HOPE (Ethiopia)

Pays  : Ethiopie

Date : Date non précisée

In rural areas of Ethiopia, almost 45% of the population, or about 39 million people use water that is at risk of contamination. If they get sick, there are few medical clinics with adequate supplies and facilities to help them. The sad reality is that many lives are lost due to the lack of clean water. Similarly, the time required to fetch water hinders children from attending school regularly and stops their parents from earning money for their families. This locks them in a cycle of poverty.

With over 35 years of experience working in Ethiopia, HOPE highly values a sustainable approach. In Zala Dola, we plan to cap 2 springs & build a gravity-fed water system ; it will use local, natural springs and, of vital importance, will involve the community in the implementation of the project to build participation & ownership. Comprehensive health, hygiene & sanitation education will also be taught to all 1,484 people, including 1,041 pupils who attend the 2 schools from outside the area.

Bringing clean water to this village will result in reducing diseases related to waterborne parasites and cutting water collection time to just 10 minutes, enabling children to go to school and their parents to have time for income-generating projects. HOPE’s follow-up investment of teaching women applied savings and lending principles, equips them to earn needed money. As a result, this new water system will create a transformational change in health, as well as education and household income.

This water system is designed to last a minimum of 15 years, though HOPE’s experience is that it is reasonable to expect a 50-year life span as a result of the maintenance by the local Water Caretakers that will be trained during the construction of the Zala Dola water system. HOPE is also working with the government offices at different local levels to ensure their continued commitment and support to the village once HOPE has moved on to another community, thereby ensuring its sustainability.

Porteur projet : HOPE International Development Agency

Budget : €131,520

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