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Free Yezidi Foundation Children’s Center (Iraq)


Titre : Free Yezidi Foundation Children’s Center (Iraq)

Pays : Irak

Date : 2016

In 2014 ISIS terrorists invaded various parts of Iraq, killing untold numbers of civilians. In August 2014, ISIS invaded the city of Sinjar and surrounding areas, home to a religious minority population, the Yezidis. Many children have lost both parents, and almost every child has lost a close relative. The Yezidi population has suffered intense trauma, and children of all ages have been forced to endure pain and loss at a young age.

The Free Yezidi Foundation Children’s Center is designed to provide assistance to all Yezidi children suffering the traumatic after-effects of the ISIS attack against Yezidi populations in 2014. The Center will cater especially to those children whose parents were killed during the attacks, but will also provide services to children with access to the Center. The Center will provide enriching activities, basic needs such as shoes and food, and a pathway to post-trauma treatment if necessary.

The FYF Children’s Center will provide a healthy environment where children will have the opportunity to learn, play, and grow. Rooms in the facility will be dedicated to ensuring an enriching experience for children, and the Center will provide for some of their basic needs, to the extent possible, including meals and clothing. The facility will house both the Children’s Center and the FYF Women’s Center, and children will benefit from a pathway to post-trauma treatment if needed.

The children served by the FYF Children’s Center have endured horrific trauma. In order for the Yezidi community to recover from the attempted genocide by ISIS terrorists, children must be allowed to continue their educational, emotional, and social development. The Children’s Center will be one location where children can benefit from a safe, comfortable environment. This is an important investment, as these children will be the leaders of tomorrow in the Yezidi community.

Porteur projet : Free Yezidi Foundation

Budget : €61,767

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