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Support the Empowerment of Girls and Young Women (Jordan)


Titre : Support the Empowerment of Girls and Young Women (Jordan)

Pays : Jordanie

Date : Date non précisée

War affects the country, the city, and the home of every person but disproportionately hurts women and girls. And yet it is always girls and women who pick up the pieces of what’s been broken, supporting others in healing and rebuilding society. But still, even without war, women are still murdered, raped, and oppressed. The challenge : How to support the women who build systems of support, social services, entrepreneurship, move the sciences forward, and promote self-actualization in a way that

Supporting our work in Jordan and the Middle East and North Africa region means empowering girls and young women to take charge of their lives. Our work focuses on supporting girls and women who have lived through dangerous and harmful physical, emotional, or psychological experiences.

Life in My Days will be launching a healing and transformation fellowship for girls and young women in Jordan. We hope to work with women and girls who have suffered trauma due to war, domestic violence, and other forms of violence. Our program will consist of multiple sessions around self-actualization, healing, and transformation with a lens of social and environmental justice. Participants will lead projects and staff will support them with 1-on-1 support along the way.

With your support, we can nurture the incredible transformative power that women and girls have always carried within. By donating, you are investing in the future of the women in the MENA region. From prior programs, we’ve seen individuals coming out of our training and going on to build movements, businesses, and systems of support for the benefit of their entire communities. The long-term impact is not only the transformation of the region but supporting the generational healing of women.

Porteur projet : Life in My Days, Inc

Budget : €17,658

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