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Saving Kenya’s Environment Through Family Planning


Titre : Saving Kenya’s Environment Through Family Planning

Pays : Kenya

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Kenya’s population of +50 million will double by 2050 (Kenya’s population is growing at over one million per year). This population explosion results in a denudation of natural resources at a scary rate, which not only affects Kenya, but the world as a whole. Most poor Kenyan communities are not able to access or afford vital family planning services, however, they are desperate for these services.

Kenya has one of the highest population growths in the world and has a poverty rate of 45%. As a result, Kenya’s natural resources are dwindling ! The Community Health Africa Trust (CHAT) is one of the few aid organizations providing innovative and FREE family planning services combined with ecological awareness education to underserved, often nomadic communities in central and northern Kenya. In turn, we conserve natural resources and reduce suffering - especially among women and children.

Visiting door-to-door, CHAT provides FREE family planning services to both men and women via innovative mobile strategies i.e. motor vehicle, camel back, motorbike, bicycle and on foot. Men and women are able to choose from a range of short and long-term birth-control methods (up to 5 years). By reducing the number of children women bear, fewer environmental resources are needed to support their families, suffering is reduced - and more resources remain for future generations.

By providing family planning services, we expect to improve the overall quality of life of underserved communities. We educate individuals about more sustainable environmental practices, and how their smaller family sizes help them maximize their meager financial resources to raise their existing children. CHAT consistently reaches over 50,000 clients per year with benefits that last generations. Our hope is that through our work, families can pull themselves out of abject poverty.

Porteur projet : Communities Health Africa Trust

Budget : €66,609

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Page publiée le 27 juillet 2019