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Clean Water & Sanitation for Kenyan Primary School (Kenya)


Titre : Clean Water & Sanitation for Kenyan Primary School (Kenya)

Pays : Kenya

Date : Date non précisée

Water supply and sanitation in most schools in the semi-arid environments of Kenya are typically inadequate or do not exist. School children in Ndaragwa Division must walk 2-4 km, each way, to collect water for drinking, the school feeding programme, and classroom use. The lack of clean water sources and poor sanitation conditions also lead to water borne illnesses that result in low school attendance and student retention.

In 2011, the Horn of Africa experienced one of the most severe droughts in over 60 years. KRA works with communities throughout Kenya to provide technologies that will increase their resiliency to the effects of climate change and drought. Matuiku Primary School has no running water and substandard sanitation facilities. By providing a rainwater storage tank, farm pond with drip irrigation, improved latrines, and capacity building this project will improve the health and education of 137 pupils

Pupils will benefit from improved latrines, clean water, and a vegetable plot to supplement the school feeding programme. A readily available source of water ensures children will have more time to learn instead of collecting water and will prevent the contraction of water-borne diseases

The objective of the project is to sustainably improve children’s health, nutrition, and school attendance through the implementation of climate change adaptation measures and improved sanitation facilities. Community members will learn about rainwater harvesting and management techniques through the implementation of farm ponds, drip irrigation systems, water storage tanks, and tree nurseries implemented at the local schools from the pupils, who will act as change ambassadors teaching others

Porteur projet : Kenya Rainwater Association

Budget : €12,303

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Page publiée le 24 juillet 2019