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Help Women in Kenya Confront Climate Change


Titre : Help Women in Kenya Confront Climate Change

Pays : Kenya

Date : Date non précisée

Climate change has wreaked havoc on the lives and livelihoods of Indigenous women in Kenya. Frequent climate disasters, including severe drought and famine, are pushing already struggling families to the edge of survival. What’s more, women and girls are often tasked with securing water for their families, a heavy burden. Few homes have the means to collect and store rainwater during the ever-shortening rainy season.

In Kenya, severe and frequent drought triggered by climate change is devastating rural families. People whose livelihoods depend on the land are left with nothing as their animals perish and their crops wither away. Families are going hungry. MADRE and the Indigenous Information Network are training Indigenous women to confront the impacts of climate change by conserving resources and adapting local ways of life.

MADRE and the Indigenous Information Network are training Indigenous women to conserve resources and adapt to climate change. Women are learning to harvest rainwater and to store food and water to last through droughts. We’re also installing clean water wells and pumps to lessen the burden on women and girls usually responsible for hauling water. Through these adaptation strategies, women will learn to combat climate change and secure their families’ survival.

Women with families on the brink of starvation will learn the resource conservation methods they need to sustain their families and communities. What’s more, by installing clean water pumps, we’re decreasing the risk of waterborne disease and increasing women’s time available for income-generating, educational and other productive activities-instead of hauling water. Not only will women learn to adapt to climate change, but they’ll have more time to invest in themselves and their communities.

Porteur projet : MADRE, An International Women’s Human Rights Org.

Budget : €4,211

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Page publiée le 20 juillet 2019