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Risha Solar PV Project (Jordan)


Titre : Risha Solar PV Project (Jordan)

Pays : Jordan

Date : 2017

A senior secured limited recourse loan of up to USD 27.6 million to finance the development and construction of an up to 50 MWac solar photovoltaic plant located in the Risha region, 300 km north east of Amman, Jordan. The project will sustain the momentum of the Jordanian renewable energy sector, demonstrating how private sector capital and expertise can be mobilized to yield competitively low tariffs.

The project directly compliments Jordan’s strategy of procuring cost-effective, indigenous energy supplies to mitigate its energy crisis and lessen energy security concerns. As part of the government’s ambitious program to generate 10% of Jordan’s electricity demand from renewables by 2020, the project will play a key role in contributing to this target and to reducing the import dependence and lowering the carbon intensity of the Jordanian power sector. In addition, by providing power at a tariff of USD 5.9 cents (which is below the tariff offered by any other projects in the context of Rounds I and II), the project helps replace costly energy imports which historically have been linked to oil and gas prices thereby bringing benefit to the Jordanian economy as well.


Up to USD 27.6 million senior secured limited recourse loan will be provided by EBRD. The rest of the financing requirements will come from the German Development Bank (DEG) and Arab Bank.
Total project cost : USD 69,000,000.00

European Bank for Reconstruction and Development

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