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Saïss water conservation project (Morocco)


Titre : Saïss water conservation project (Morocco)

Pays : Maroc

Date : 2016

The EBRD is considering a sovereign loan of up to EUR 120 million to the Kingdom of Morocco to finance a 135 km primary transmission pipe from the Mdez dam to the Saiss plain in Northern Morocco (the "project") as part of a staged project.

The project’s objective is to replace water abstraction from the local aquifer and water resources of the Saiss plain, which is currently overexploited. The project will be implemented by a project implementation unit ("PIU") that will be set up by the Ministry of Agriculture and Maritime Fisheries ("MAMF").

Client : The Kingdom of Morocco, represented by MAMF as the body responsible for developing and implementing the country’s agriculture and rural development policy. MAMF takes the lead in organising the use of water resources for irrigation and has experience in implementing water transfer schemes.

EBRD Finance Summary : EUR 120,000,000.00
Total project cost : EUR 408,000,000.00

European Bank for Reconstruction and Development

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