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EDF EN Benban PV (Egypt)


Titre : EDF EN Benban PV (Egypt)

Pays : Egypte

Date : 2017

Provision of long-term senior debt financing of up to USD 27.0 million (EUR 24.8 million equivalent) to finance the construction of 50 MW solar photovoltaic plant located in the proposed 1.8 GW Benban solar complex in the Aswan province of Egypt (the "Project"). The Project will be one of the first utility scale solar plants in Egypt and will support the country in increasing its renewable energy capacity. The Project is part of a larger portfolio of two 50 MW plants developed in Benban by the same group of lead sponsors.

The Project will be developed under the programme implemented by the Egyptian government offering feed-in tariffs to projects of up to 50 MW capacity to stimulate private investment in over 4 GW of wind and solar power. This scheme aims to support Egypt to move to a more environmentally sustainable and diverse electricity sector by exploiting the country’s vast renewable energy potential. It is expected to improve the environmental characteristics of Egypt’s power sector by reducing emissions of local pollutants and CO2, as well as water consumption.


EBRD Finance Summary : USD 27,000,000.00
Total project cost : USD 72,000,000.00

European Bank for Reconstruction and Development

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