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Horezm Water Project (Uzbekistan)


Titre : Horezm Water Project (Uzbekistan)

Pays : Ouzbekistan

Date : 2018

The Bank will provide a sovereign loan of up to US$ 60 million (€50 million) to the Republic of Uzbekistan ("RoU") to be on-lent and/or granted to the State Unitary Enterprise Horezm Suvokova ("Company") to finance the Company’s Priority Investment Programme ("PIP"). The PIP includes such investments in water and wastewater infrastructure of Horezm oblast as construction of new water intakes and renewal of pumping stations, water and wastewater treatment facilities, and installation of household and bulk meters ("Project"). These components are aimed at improving water quality, access to safe drinking water and wastewater treatment services.

The Project is expected to increase the number of people connected to the water and wastewater network by around 200,000 people, reduce water losses, enhance energy efficiency and quality of wastewater treatment.


EBRD Finance Summary : US$ 60,000,000.00
Total project cost : US$ 60,000,000.00

European Bank for Reconstruction and Development

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