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Support Mali’s Vulnerable Children


Titre : Support Mali’s Vulnerable Children

Pays : Mali

Date : Date non précisée

There are currently over 700,000 orphans in Mali. They live on the streets and beg for food and subsistence money. Education is a luxury that they do not even dream off. Extended families are willing to help, but economic odds are against them. With a per capita GDP of $560, Mali is one of the poorest countries in the world. This project gives vulnerable children access to an environment conducive to an outstanding physical, mental and intellectual growth.

This project provides vulnerable Malian children with a house, home cooked meals, health care, sport, and education.

Project consists of : (1) supporting children home in Bamako, (2) providing food, health care and education to Malian vulnerable children, (3) give the children access to a sport of their choice, and (4) provide them tutoring services

Providing a home, food, health care and education programs to vulnerable children will allow them to grow and learn in a supportive, loving and nurturing environment. They will grow strong, and contribute to Mali’s economic growth.

Porteur projet : A Child For All, ACFA Inc.

Budget : €54,363

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