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Plant a Tree in Mali


Titre : Plant a Tree in Mali

Pays : Mali

Date : Date non précisée

Deforestation is an especially serious and growing problem. According to the Ministry of the Environment, Mali’s population consumes 6 million tons of wood per year for timber and fuel. Over 100.000 hectares of forest is lost each year. People use wood on a dialy basis due to the lack of electricity. Creating awareness around the need for healthy forests and countering desertification by planting new trees is absolutely critical for the next generations and also for our planet

Biopal organisation is starting with a new project -planting trees- a lot of trees to help our planet, improve the environment, enhance environmental awareness in Mali, counter desertification and of course create jobs. Mali is highly vulnerable to climate change, erosion, extreme heat and deforstation due to a lack of electricity. Therefore, not only for this generation but for the next we want to start planting trees on a big scale. No less than 10 hectare are waiting to be planted.

Biopal will provide both new trees and create awareness to prevent further deforestation and desertification. With the knowledge and land available we can set an example of how planting trees on a large scale benefits land, animals and population. People often do not understand the positive effects of trees and plants and are therefore not aware of the extreme damages inflicted. Mali, is in desperate need of trees to enhance the soils to produce food and to encounter pollution.

Ensuring local population chooses to preserve and expand their forests, putting a stop to desertification and the loss of woodland habitat for animals. The villages will spread the word that trees will enhance their outcomes of their farming land and the next generations will continue to see the positive effects and will therefore make the right chose

Porteur projet : Biopal vzw

Budget : €5,834

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Page publiée le 18 juillet 2019