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Strengthening Primary Healt Care system in the Palestinian Territories (Palestine)


Titre : Strengthening Primary Healt Care system in the Palestinian Territories (Palestine)

Pays : Palestine

Date : Expected start date 11/12/2013

In this frame, the MOH and the Italian Cooperation identified the strengthening of primary health care system as a top priority to address several key health needs of the Palestinian population in a comprehensive perspective of public health. The POSIT initiative will comprehend development of infrastructure and provision of medical equipment, staff training and community activities, in order to expand services for emergency, women health, NCDs, community mental health and disabilities. The specific objectives of the project include : Facilitate the access to the health emergency services Improve the quality of women healthcare, including reproductive health, early diagnosis of female cancer and health system response to gender violence Strengthen prevention and control of NCDs Support community mental health services and psychosocial rehabilitation Reinforce prevention of disabilities and improve the access of disabled people to health facilities Contribute to aid effectiveness and coordination of donors in the health sector. The project will connect with the other initiatives that Italian Cooperation launched for the next triennium in the sector of gender and women empowerment (Welod 3) and in the sector of economic development and access to credit (Start up), looking for mutual benefits. Moreover, the Italian Cooperation has invited the Italian Regions that manage aid programs for development to collaborate to the health project with their own initiatives. This will allow relying on Italian best expertise and maximize synergies, integrating governmental and decentralized cooperation.

Agence : Italian Agency for Development Cooperation (DGCS until 2015)

Financement : € 1,000,000 Committed

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