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Feed Orphan Cheetahs in Namibia


Titre : Feed Orphan Cheetahs in Namibia

Pays : Namibie

Date : 2008-12-19

Conflict between humans and predators often results in the removal of the predator, either by trapping or shooting, which for cheetahs often results in the death of a mother with cubs. Cheetah cubs must live with their mothers for up to 22 months to learn how to hunt and live. When they have not learned this, cheetah cubs cannot survive on their own. CCF is often called to take the cubs, or cheetahs caught in traps. The cheetahs that can’t be released and must live out their lives at CCF.

The Cheetah Conservation Fund feeds and cares for about 55 cheetahs who were either orphaned before learning how to hunt or were injured and cannot be released back into the wild. Reaching our $50,000 goal will allow CCF to feed 10 cheetahs for one year.

CCF’s property serves as a sanctuary for these orphaned cheetahs to live out their lives. Some have medical problems, requiring regular medical procedures or treatments. Yearly care costs $5,000 per cheetah. CCF has about 50 captive cheetahs.

Cheetahs are endangered in most of their original ranges and extinct in others. Fewer than 12,000 cheetahs remain worldwide. Because each cheetah is critical, CCF is testing a protocol for re-introducing wild-born, captive cheetahs to the wild.

Porteur projet : Cheetah Conservation Fund

Budget : €59,801

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