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Send 40 Girls in Niger to Secondary School


Titre : Send 40 Girls in Niger to Secondary School

Pays : Niger

Date : Date non précisée

Niger ranks last among 187 countries on the United Nation’s Education Index. Only 9% of girls attend secondary school, contributing to the country’s high population growth rate, with women having an average of 7 children each. 78% of girls marry before the age of 18 and 28% marry before the age of 15. GIrls often stay home from school to focus on childbearing, childrearing, and housework. Without functional latrines at school, when girls start their period they must stay home.

This project will provide 40 girls in Niger, ages 11-22, with a scholarship to attend secondary school and receive a high quality education. These students have aspirations to continue their education but do not have the funds needed to pay for school. Only 9% of girls in Niger continue past 6th grade. Our scholarships provide tuition, supplies, transportation and other critical supports to keep girls in school. Remember Niger schools provide a caring environment where girls can succeed.

The Remember Niger Scholarship Fund for Girls provides financial support needed for a girl or young woman ages 11-22 to continue her education. Knowledgable, trained teachers guide each student to recognize her own unique gifts and talents. Education will allow girls to earn an income and provide for themselves and their families. Students have access to latrines, quality classrooms and needed supplies. They also learn health and hygiene, helping to reduce pregnancy and early marriage rates.

By encouraging girls to stay in school, we aim to help break the cycle of multi-dimensional poverty, reduce early marriage rates through sensitization, and improve the quality of life for this generation of young women and generations to come.

Porteur projet : Remember Niger Coalition

Budget : €21,069

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