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Peacebuilding through Agricultural Partnerships (Palestine)


Titre : Peacebuilding through Agricultural Partnerships (Palestine)

Pays : Palestine

Date : Date non précisée

Farmers in both Palestine and Israel have the potential to increase the value of their products and access new markets ; however systemic technological and skills barriers, combined with a lack of trust between the two communities, limits the development of these opportunities. This has led to lower incomes for farmers, high unemployment among potential agronomists & farm innovators in rural communities, and lower productivity for agribusinesses in general.

The project fosters opportunities for Palestinians and Israelis to work together to improve cross-border agribusiness and value-chain development in the olive, date, and vegetable sectors through trainings and agriculture extension services for community farmers, farm innovators, and youth agronomists. The goal of the project is to improve conditions for economic collaboration between farmers and industry actors.

Building on the success and momentum of NEF’s work, the project will strengthen linkages between Israeli and Palestinian farmers and industry actors through cross-border agricultural cooperation, access to technology and mutual economic benefit. The project will achieve this by engaging with young male and female Palestinian and Israeli agronomists, farmers, industry actors and other value chain stakeholders to improve conditions for cooperation in the date, olive, and vegetable sectors.

The project design is based on the Theory of Change that if Palestinian and Israeli youth, farmers, industry actors engage in direct dialogue, planning and activities to resolve value chain gaps and barriers ; increase the exchange of inputs and technology ; and improve access to markets, Palestinian and Israeli participants will experience greater economic benefits, improved understanding and contribute to peace through mutually beneficial economic cooperation.

Porteur projet : Near East Foundation (NEF)

Budget : €88,145

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