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Clean Water for 1,500 People in Rural Senegal


Titre : Clean Water for 1,500 People in Rural Senegal

Pays : Senegal

Date : 2014-06-24 // 2020-08-27

In rural Senegal, water, food, and energy insecurity resulting from climate change profoundly impacts the lives of women. Increasingly unreliable weather patterns and few water resources have restricted agricultural activities to the short, three-month rainy season. Rural subsistence farming communities have struggled to remain agriculturally and economically self-sufficient without reliable access to clean and abundant water. Many families cannot afford fresh vegetables.

With your support, CREATE ! will provide access to clean, abundant water for 1,500 people in the Guinguineo District of rural Senegal. By rehabilitating existing wells and installing solar-powered pumps and gravity-fed irrigation systems, these rural communities can advance towards achieving agricultural and economic self-sufficiency. CREATE ! collaborates with villagers in rural Senegal to help them build a sustainable future for their communities.

By providing access to abundant and free water pumped by solar-powered wells, CREATE ! can help rural Senegalese communities become agriculturally and economically self-sufficient. CREATE ! field technicians will rehabilitate existing wells and install water basins and elevated reservoirs so that women in the communities’ garden cooperatives can easily irrigate their vegetables and fruit and nut trees year-round. Women and girls will no longer need to walk long distances to collect water.

In rural Senegal, water is life. Year-round access to abundant and clean water will help CREATE !’s 1,500 beneficiaries in rural Guinguineo District tend cooperative gardens and transform their lives. Through community gardens, residents will have sustainable access to nutritious foods and will gain a reliable source of household income. CREATE ! works with village populations to meet felt needs through a culturally respectful, participatory, and grassroots development process.

Porteur projet : Center for Renewable Energy and Appropriate Technology for the Environment (CREATE !)

Budget : €44,897

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