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Access to Education in Rural Morocco


Titre : Access to Education in Rural Morocco

Pays : Maroc

Date : 2015 – 2017

Program : Education

Despite a growing interest in primary education, large geographic and gendered gaps in school enrollment and performance persist in Ouarzazate province, south-central Morocco. Numerous studies have documented the link between access to quality primary education in childhood and improved access to economic opportunities in adulthood. Yet, rural families, the majority of them very poor, often fail to make the connection between illiteracy and poverty, and so do not prioritize education as a worthwhile investment due to a combination of adult illiteracy, inadequate school facilities, low community involvement in school management, and the persistence of traditional social norms at home and in the community. Social pressures to forego school for household chores – viewed as a form of “vocational training” among rural families – weigh heavier on girls than boys. Girls who persist and attend school often encounter a hostile environment that discourages completion, contributing to primary dropout rates as high as 40-60% in some schools.

Over a 2-year period, the Near East Foundation UK (NEF-UK) and its Morocco-based partners, NEF-Morocco and Tichka Association, aim to improve access to and quality of primary education for poor girls and boys in 14 schools in Ouarzazate Province. Building upon more than a decade’s experience in the rural primary education sector, NEF-UK and our partners are strengthening parent-teacher associations, working with schools to create a more girl-friendly environment, launching sustainable income-generating activities that schools can use to fund infrastructure improvements and extra-curricular activities, and encouraging disadvantaged parents to regularly send their children to school and/or enroll those who would not otherwise attend, leading to higher academic performance and lower school attrition rates among school age children.

Porteur projet : Near East Foundation (NEF)

Primary Donors : Big Lottery Fund

Near East Foundation (NEF)

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