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Grain Market Facilitation Fund (Zimbabwe)


Titre : Grain Market Facilitation Fund (Zimbabwe)

Pays : Zimbabwe

Date : Sep 01, 2016 - Jun 05, 2017

The ‘Grain Market Facilitation Programme’ was designed to address foreign exchange liquidity issues affecting grain imports and enable the private sector to respond to the demand for grain for the domestic market in Zimbabwe. This Facility is meant to contribute to the overall goal of the humanitarian response, which is that target households are able to cope with food shocks and meet their basic food needs during the 2016/17 agricultural period. This will be achieved through a mechanism to facilitate international purchase of white maize by grain importers, conditioned on maize being supplied to key rural markets at acceptable prices. Crown Agents through its procurement experience, local presence and fund management expertise will provide such a facility to facilitate the procurement of grain to avert the hunger crisis in some affected districts. The Grain Market Facilitation Programme will look to improve the availability of grain nationwide, maintaining price stability and will thus positively affect the districts in which DFID is delivering humanitarian cash transfers to drought-affected households.

Porteur du projet : Crown Agents

Financement : UK - Department for International Development (DFID)
Budget : 21,134,534 USD


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