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Save Big Cats From Extinction In Africa (South Africa)

Afrique du Sud

Titre : Save Big Cats From Extinction In Africa (South Africa)

Pays : Afrique du Sud

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The global populations of many of the species we have at Cheetah Experience are in sharp decline. From a 2016 study, the global population of the cheetah is estimated at just 7,100 individuals. Our commitment to providing nutritious diets and stimulating environments for our animals has been a key focus to continue the success of our and cheetah breeding program and educational programs. Being a non-profit organisation with no government funding, we rely on donations to continue our work.

Our Mission is to raise awareness of the vulnerability of Endangered and Threatened Species through educational experiences, as well as ethically breeding cheetahs in captivity. Our vision is to release some of our animals into a protected yet self-sustaining natural habitat. We have over 50 animals in our care, including cheetahs, leopards and non-breeding male lions. Through education programs and conservation initiatives, we can save these precious big cat species from extinction.

We provide our animals with a variety of vaccinations and conduct yearly health checks to monitor their health and wellbeing. We also source high quality meats and supplements to ensure they’re receiving proper nutrition. We have a specialised enrichment program for all our animals, and continue to improve our enclosures to provide our animals with a stimulating environment while they’re in our care. These are all ongoing costs that we incur to provide our animals with the best possible care.

When an animal is surrounded by so much love and care, they are so much happier and loving in turn. The love a visitor can feel from one of our animals can be so powerful, and help someone join us in the fight for conservation. By providing for our animals health and wellbeing, our cats show less signs of stress and illness. For our cheetah breeding program this helps to ensure successful breeding with healthy cheetahs, and also creates a positive learning environment for visitors.

Porteur projet : ZA Cheetah Conservation

Budget : €26,344

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