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Education for Children in Rural South Africa

Afrique du Sud

Titre : Education for Children in Rural South Africa

Pays : Afrique du Sud

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Children in this community face many challenges including malnutrition, poor access to education, and a lack of emotional support or security. These inequities cause barriers to developmental, educational, and skills advancements and without effective interventions, children growing up at the centre of these problems face no chance of succeeding.

Our Early Childhood Education and After-school Programmes provide children with equal access to learning opportunities that empower them to become agents of change and develop into engaged and confident young adults. Your donation goes a long way to provide over 750 children and youth enrolled in these innovative and creative programmes with opportunities to build game-changing life skills like self-esteem, critical thinking, and creativity !

Members of the community are hired and trained to prepare for their roles as both educational facilitators and role models. Our Creative Learning Curriculum model aims to give children a meaningful education and help them develop important life skills by using stories, art, music, science, and maths to make lateral connections across subject areas. Creativity and life skills are prized above knowledge and right answers, and children are encouraged to have fun and take risks.

Currently, we support over 800 children and youth in rural South Africa. Through these programmes, we aim to empower the next generation of citizens with the knowledge and skills necessary to feel fulfilled and to contribute positively to their communities.

Porteur projet : Thanda UK

Budget : €17,790

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