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Support Early Childhood Development in Rural SA (South Africa)

Afrique du Sud

Titre : Support Early Childhood Development in Rural SA (South Africa)

Pays : Afrique du Sud

Date : Date non précisée

Lack of access to water and basic sanitation, poverty, malnutrition, lack of basic teacher training, or resources, overcrowding, lack of safe play areas and lack of first aid training. These are all things we take for granted for our children in creche, or growing up. But this is the situation for most children in rural Acornhoek, South Africa. Untrained or underequiped teachers do their best to care, but lack the support to facilitate and grow happy, healthy, well developed children.

Avoid is a 3-year old little girl living with her granny in a hut in rural Acornhoek, an impoverished area of South Africa. She is an orphan and her granny cannot afford to send her to creche, struggling with even the daily necessities. Avoid sat at home, unstimulated & unsocialised, with little proper nutrition. Now, Avoid is in our RISE program. At creche she gets 2 warm meals a day & is clean, healthy & happy, playing & developing while her granny has time to run the household.

We provide creches with the tools they need to create a better learning environment for their children. We facilitate teacher ECD workshops so that they can understand and learn important childhood development principles and games. We assist in making recycled resources and teaching nutrition and hygiene. We implement vegetable gardens and support a feeding scheme with the vegetables so learners get a warm healthy meal. We also support in building toilets, providing water & building playgrounds

We will support 4 creches thus allowing over 100 children to rise to a better future through allowing them to be healthy, well developed children that have had a chance to eat healthily, play & learn in a clean safe & hygenic environment and have been stimulated to learn important developmental skills. These skills play an important role in a childs further education. These creches & teachers will continue to offer quality ECD learning experiences and opportunities to children year after year.

Porteur projet : Nourish

Budget : €15,828

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Page publiée le 7 août 2019