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Ecology of Desert Systems (Second Edition)

Academic Press

Titre : Ecology of Desert Systems (Second Edition)

*Highlights the complexity of the systems involved in a clear, concise way * Reviews the most current issues facing researchers in the field, including the spread of alien species due to globalized trade, the impact of industrial mining, and climate change * Updated and extended to include information on alien species management, industrial mining impacts, and the current and future role of climate change in desert systems

Auteur (s) Walter G. Whitford (Auteur), Benjamin D. Duval (Auteur)
Publisher Academic Press
Date de parution : 2 septembre 2019
Pages : 474

Ecology of Desert Systems, Second Edition, provides a clear, extensive guide on the complex interactions involved in these areas. The book presents detailed information on how the abiotic environment interacts with the biotic environment to determine the structure and function of desert ecosystems, thus revealing how these interactions drive processes, such as plant growth, animal reproductive success, and the spatial and temporal distribution of vegetation and animals. This second edition provides an important guide for students, researchers who want to know how their work fits in to the overall picture, and anyone involved with environmental management in desert areas.


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