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Promoting energy efficient cook stoves in micro and small-scale food processing industries (Chad)


UNIDO | United Nations Industrial Development Organization

Titre : Promoting energy efficient cook stoves in micro and small-scale food processing industries (Chad)

Pays : Tchad

Date : Jul 9, 2014 // Jul 31, 2018

Fighting against desertification has been a priority in the countries of the Sahel region since October 1984 in Nouakchott where a regional strategy had been developed. The objectives were to slow down the desertification and degradation process of the environment by ensuring the basic needs of the population while preserving the ecological equilibrium. In the framework of this strategy, Chad has decided to focus on two pillars on the energy related topic : promotion of improved cook stoves and substitution fuels for firewood and charcoal.

While the political will and commitment of the Chadian Government towards conserving forests and reducing the reliance on woody biomass as the main source of fuel in Chad, the absence of advanced technologies, the lack of know-how, knowledge and capacity and limited financial capacity prevent the development of a market to promote energy efficient cook stoves. Without the GEF-funded alternative scenario, the market for energy efficient cook stoves will remain very weak and will consist of fragmented efforts without reaching the market scale. The GEF funded project will support the development of the market for improved energy efficient cook stoves by engaging players from the private sector, civil society, technology providers, financing experts as well as Governmental institution. It will also improve the economic livelihood of micro and small industries and integrate energy issues into their business practices and helping them advance by replacing basic technologies to low emission and fuel saving technologies. This shift would not be possible without the GEF intervention. The GEF funded project targets on one side the supply of energy efficient stoves in the country along with improving the livelihoods of the targeted sectors’ entrepreneurs and their communities through : • Promoting EE stoves consuming 50 – 80% less firewood for processing food • Clustering the two sectors in each intervention zones to support the demand of improved cook stoves, generating collective gains and empowering the women and men entrepreneurs. The clusters will be used to build on and integrate the reforestation efforts of the VERT project into the cluster action plans and supporting the end-users establish to sustainable chains of fire wood supply. • Facilitating access to finance to acquire improved cook stoves by putting in place a credit and savings scheme as well as linking up to the voluntary carbon markets to generate additional revenues for end-users switching to improved cook stoves. The proposed project aims at promoting energy efficient cook stoves in traditional agro-food processing industries in Chad with a focus on 2 sub-sectors : traditional sorghum based beer brewing (bili bili, kochat and argui) and meat grilling (tchélé).

Financement : Global Environment Facility
Budget : $665,000


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