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Employability & professional insertion in Senegal


UNIDO | United Nations Industrial Development Organization

Titre : Employability & professional insertion in Senegal

Pays : Senegal

Date : Mar 1, 2019 // Mar 1, 2022

This project will take place within the framework of PIC4 (Fourth Indicative Cooperation Programme foreseen from 2018 to 2022) funded by LuxDev. Indeed, PIC4 is the direct continuation of PIC 3 programming during which IDEA 1 (“Development of Local Productive Systems - Professional integration” (ID120 103) with a budget of € 1.065.000) and IDEA 2 (Promotion of Local Economic Development in the region of Louga (ID 120 489) with a budget of € 690,000) were both implemented by UNIDO from 2013 to 2017. As the lead UN agency responsible for implementing the multi-bilateral component of the program "Vocational and Technical Training and Employability of Young People", ILO was allocated the total sum of € 5 million from which an amount of € 1.6 million will be transferred to UNIDO. The project strongly builds on the complementarity and synergy between ILO and UNIDO and will specifically contribute to poverty reduction by providing decent and sustainable jobs to young people, especially those leaving vocational training, and will emphasize the transfer of learning and good practices to the national counterpart and actors involved at all levels, from a perspective of ownership and sustainability. Thus, the project will strive for sustainability and replication of proven and successful models. Therefore, particular emphasis will be placed on : 1. Strengthening the capacity of the ministry’s and training institutions’ human resources (institutional and operational levels) to sustain the system of support for national integration ;2. The modeling of strategies to improve the employability of young people and the entrepreneurial incubation of youth economic initiatives in the project areas ; 3. The viability of businesses created by young people through the improvement of the environment and the facilitation of access to quality support services. Less

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