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United Nations Joint Programme on Youth Employment (Somalia)


UNIDO | United Nations Industrial Development Organization

Titre : United Nations Joint Programme on Youth Employment (Somalia)

Pays : Somalie

Date : Sep 1, 2018 // Dec 31, 2019

Over two decades of civil war and instability in Somalia has culminated in widespread adverse social and economic consequences. Somalia suffers from the consequences of severe economic infrastructure destruction, high unemployment rates, a lack of technical skills and the erosion of the livelihood asset base of the Somali people. Somalia’s economy urgently requires technology and skills transfer as well as a substantial increase in access to technical and vocational training opportunities. In addition, there remains an urgent need to address gender inequality in terms of access to employment and livelihoods. This project aims to contribute to these ends through the creation of short and long-term jobs through improving access to technical vocational skills for under skilled and underemployed youth in particular women. ; and strengthening the quality of, and access to, vocational training opportunities. The project focuses on the creation of activity ‘packages’ that are interconnected and designed to enhance the overall effectiveness and impact of the project. The project has a strong focus on local level ownership of project activities – both at the governmental and community level – and the building of local capacities to ensure the sustainability of project initiatives.

Budget : $1,385,735


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