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Strengthening job creation and creativity in the agro-industrial sector in Lebanon


UNIDO | United Nations Industrial Development Organization

Titre : Strengthening job creation and creativity in the agro-industrial sector in Lebanon

Pays : Liban

Date : Jun 1, 2016 // Nov 27, 2020

Since 2011, UNIDO has been supporting the agro-industrial sector through the CELEP project by helping local micro and small industries to cope with the crisis and training unemployed affected communities on market oriented professional skills in technical sectors.

Through the three phases of the CELEP, 68 MSMEs and 20 agricultural cooperatives were directly supported by specialized equipment, civil works and capacity building development and more than 2000 Households benefited indirectly from the project activities. Therefore, the Ministry of Industry has requested UNIDO to support its efforts towards the development of agro-industry value-chains and expressed its support in developing a follow up phase for CELEP I&II&III aiming at improving the competiveness and value of a number of Lebanese authentic products, the areas affected by the high influx of Syrian refugees.

In addition to upgrading the quality and quantity standards of the products as previously done during phases I&II&III, this follow up phase will focus on innovation and creativity. An in-depth assessment of the Lebanese agro-food value chains will be done during the inception phase, which will help understanding the export capacity of small producers and cooperatives and identifying the barriers for trade. This project will be the first focusing on product development, introduction of creativity tools and innovation for Lebanese products. Building on UNIDO’s expertise, this project will target a number of MSMEs and agricultural cooperatives and will mainly consist of (i) the identification of a number of Lebanese authentic agrofood value chains having the potential to compete locally and internationally based on a technical study to be conducted ; (ii) the provision of technical assistance and inputs to upgrade selected agro processing facilities especially micro, small- and medium-enterprises (M&MSMEs) and agricultural cooperatives ; (iii) the development of creativity tools and new products ; and (iv) the development of marketing tools in order to facilitate market access .

Budget : $1,024,966


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