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Productive work for youth and women through MSMEs promotion in Ethiopia


UNIDO | United Nations Industrial Development Organization

Titre : Productive work for youth and women through MSMEs promotion in Ethiopia

Pays : Ethiopie

Date : Mar 25, 2014 // Sep 30, 2019

The project’s main goal is to assist the Government of Ethiopia (GoE) in its effort to create employment for women and youth through the promotion of investment in the productive sectors of the economy. The programme is directly addressing the issues of unemployed youth and supports progress made to accelerate women’s economic empowerment. As part of the PCP, the project will be aligned with the Government initiatives and programmes, supported by the PCP National Technical Task Force (NTTF), aligned with Ethiopia GTP II and implemented within the framework of the Ethiopian Industry Development Strategy (EIDS), and will be focused on the priority industrial sectors of the country (Leather, Textile and Agro-food sectors) and will intervene in the economic corridors connected to the on Integrated Agro-Industrial Parks (IAIPs). The intervention will also create synergies with the following on-going programmes that are directly targeting women and youth, e.g. the WB women entrepreneurship developments programme (WEDP). The project will favour the creation of an enabling environment to strengthen the policy dialogue, and assist the Government of Ethiopia to develop a comprehensive strategy on Entrepreneurship Development. In fact, the project intends to closely cooperate with the Ethiopian Development Research Institute (EDRI) to produce a road map for the development of an Entrepreneurship Development Policy. The project capacity building component intends to strengthen Universities, financial and non- financial institutions that are supporting the creation and development of SMEs, particularly located in the economic corridors of the IAIPs. A particular focus will be given to those institutions that are engaged in the Program for sustainable rehabilitation and re-integration of affected households connected to the establishment of the Integrated Agro-Industrial Parks. To that extend, a key partner institution will be the Small and Medium Manufacturing Industries Development Agency (SMMIDA). The project also envisages to support youth and women-led business in the four economical corridors of the IAIPs, supporting the creation and/or development of their ventures, including access to finance, markets and possibly local/international investors. To this extend, the intervention is aligned to the Industrial Development and Structural Transformation programme of the GTP II by attracting quality domestic and foreign investments and technologies

Budget : $1,015,556


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