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Upgrading the Sudanese sesame seed value chain


UNIDO | United Nations Industrial Development Organization

Titre : Upgrading the Sudanese sesame seed value chain

Pays : Soudan

Date : Oct 1, 2018 // Sep 30, 2021

This project aims to increase export revenues of sesame-seed in Sudan by improving the quality of sesame-seed, increasing capacity to comply with food safety and SPS measures, and enhancing market access to value-added markets. The project encompasses a series of interventions, based on a value chain approach, involving stakeholders from sesame-seed farmers, post-harvest handlers, facility owners, exporters, cooperatives and sesame-seed producer/exporter associations, etc. Stakeholders in the sesame-seed value chain including small farmers (of which many are women) will play a key role in implementation of activities. The project will engage public and private partnership for promoting sesame-seed exports to value added markets. Local government departments takes responsibility in extension and training, and related Ministries responsible for demonstrating compliance with the SPS requirements for trading partners.Ensuring compliance with SPS measures necessitates an effective national quality infrastructure system (NQIS) aimed at defining quality requirements and providing acceptable evidence, recognized at the international level, that products, services, processes, conform to such quality requirements. Therefore, this project will assess the current NQIS and identify gaps with regard to what the country will need in terms of quality infrastructure and a strategy and action plan for filling the gaps will be formulated

Financement : Standards and Trade Development Facility (STDF)
Budget : $823,909


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