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Inclusive and sustainable development of the tomato value chain in Egypt


UNIDO | United Nations Industrial Development Organization

Titre : Inclusive and sustainable development of the tomato value chain in Egypt

Pays : Egypte

Date : Jan 1, 2018 // Dec 31, 2019

The proposed project aims to support the development of an inclusive and sustainable tomato value chain in Egypt by increasing value-addition and by enhancing technical capacities of youth, thereby enhancing their employability and job/business opportunities. While Egypt is among the top producers of fresh crops in the world, the level of processing still remains low in terms of volume (around 10%) and quality (e.g. safety measures and product range) compared to other competitors. The example of tomatoes is even more striking. Egypt produces about 8 million tons of fresh tomatoes per year and is the world’s fifth largest producer, which can be attributed to its suitable climate, dual seasonality, and fertile lands. However, only 3–4% of the tomato crop is processed. The processing sector suffers from a lack of integration with the supply chain. This starts with primary producers, who are not fully aware of the potential for additional income they could benefit from by engaging in contract farming for the processing industry. At factory level, the opportunities to enhance production and add value are quite evident. This could be achieved by engaging in contract farming to ensure a better supply and increase production capacity, as at the moment they are operating at a maximum of around 60–70% of their capacity. Secondly, by improving skills of workers, technicians and managers to ensure a consistent quality and safety of final products. Finally, the processing tomato factories should be introduced to innovative products, such as new recipes and semi-processed products for the food service industry, including HORECA (Hotel/Restaurants/Cafés etc.). The proposed initiative is therefore focusing on creating a Pilot Training and Service Center primarily serving the tomato processing value chain by linking primary producers with the processing industry, by offering a set of services for the existing and new tomato processors to develop their business starting by upgrading labour skills through specialized training courses and by introducing innovative products and/or processes to compete in the internal and external markets.

Financement : Government of Italy – Italian Agency for Cooperation and Development
Budget : 2,000,000 EUR


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