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Livestock and Agricultural Marketing Project (LAMP) Mongolia


Global Agriculture & Food Security Program (GAFSP)

Titre : Livestock and Agricultural Marketing Project (LAMP) Mongolia

$12.5 million to reduce rural poverty and household food insecurity on a sustainable basis in livestock-based farming systems.

Pays : Mongolie

Date : 2013 – 2018

In Mongolia, livestock-based agriculture has been a backbone of the economy, where more than 85% of the agricultural population depends on livestock production, and the sector contributes to around 10% of all export revenues. The country, which has a population of less than 3 million, has more than 43 million livestock. However, more than half of herding families have subsistence herds of less than 100 animals. The pressure to increase animal numbers has created serious overgrazing and amplified the boom-bust cycle in livestock numbers. The sector remains vulnerable to extreme weather conditions – temperatures range as low as -45°C during the winter to as high as 45°C in the summer – especially in years when animal numbers have peaked relative to forage supplies.

The Livestock and Agricultural Marketing Project (LAMP) aimed to improve rural livelihoods and food security in selected areas through investments in enhancing productivity, market access, and diversification in livestock-based production systems. The project aimed to achieve these goals by removing a set of closely linked constraints in market access, price-quality relationships, and livestock production (animal health, animal breeding, genetics, and nutrition) and by providing technical assistance to develop the human and organizational capacity in animal health control, breed improvement, feeding and nutrition, value-adding to livestock products (meat, fiber, dairy), and horticulture production.

Bénéficiaires  : 13,684 people, including 6,083 women, have benefited from the project as of August 2017. The project has surpassed the end target to impact 12,000 people, including 3,600 women.

Budget : $12.5 million

Global Agriculture & Food Security Program (GAFSP)

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