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Water monitoring task force (Iraq)


Titre : Water monitoring task force (Iraq)

Pays : Irak
Localisation : Sulaymaniyah, Kirkuk, Baghdad, Babel, Karbala, Najaf, Thi-Qar, Basra, Al-Muthanna, and Maysan.

Date : JANUARY 2015-JULY 2018

Project objectives are to develop an integrated, national water monitoring system that will improve the quantity and quality of water supply services, and protect the water supply chain from contamination in 10 governorates. The project is a foundation investment by the EU which caters to cross-cutting health and environmental objectives. It also aims to establish a platform for a decision support system (DSS), by a process based on consensus and contribution of key stakeholders, in order to facilitate drawing up national environmental policies linked to an integrated water resources management.

The project is designed to address weak water monitoring systems in several parts of Iraq and establish a national data centre to monitor the quality of pumped water, through an elaborate system linked to laboratories, in the hope that the measures will have an impact on improving health, stability and socio-economic growth in the country.

Mise en œuvre :  : Consortium formed by S.I.C.I. DOMINUS (Lead partner), APPLUS, Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Al Qatif

Partenaires : Iraq Central Government, KRG central government, Prime minister office, Ministry of Planning, Ministry of Water Resources, Ministry of Municipal and Public Works, Ministry of Environment, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Oil, Ministry of Industry, Baghdad Mayoralty and MOENv/KRG.

Budget : €5 067 800

European External Action Service (EEAS)

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