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Education Quality Improvement Programme in Sudan (EQUIP-Sudan)


Titre : Education Quality Improvement Programme in Sudan (EQUIP-Sudan)

Pays : Soudan
Localisation : Khartoum, South Kordofan, Red Sea, Kassala, Gedaref, White Nile, Blue Nile

Date : Adoption date 15/12/2016

The specific objective is to contribute to the completion of quality primary education of children in Sudan, with particular attention to the most vulnerable groups, including migrants, IDPs and refugees, especially girls, through the improvement of equitable access to quality primary education.

The overall objective of the action aims at enhancing the ability of children and other vulnerable groups to lead socially and economically productive lives, and in doing so to strengthen their resilience and that of their communities. In doing so, the action will contribute to creating better living conditions, enhancing social cohesion, and reducing the risk of these populations being pushed into negative coping mechanisms, which include forced displacement.

Partenaires : Expertise France, British Council, UNICEF

EUTF contribution : 15/12/2016

EU Emergency Trust Fund for Africa

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