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University of East Anglia (1986)

Studies on the ornithology of south-western Saudi Arabia

Felemban, H.M. 

Titre : Studies on the ornithology of south-western Saudi Arabia.

Auteur : Felemban, H.M. 

Université de soutenance : University of East Anglia

Grade : Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) : 1986

The resident and migrant birds in south-western Saudi Arabia were investigated, using survey techniques and mist netting with colour ringing, at ten sites from three major types of habitats in 1983-84. A total of 180 days were spent in the field. 247 species were seen in the study area as a whole, of which 147 were recorded from the ten surveyed sites. A review of the status of recorded species was made according to the monthly distribution of each species. Five categories of status were used to classify all bird species ; a new record of the Pied Flycatcher was included here. The restriction of some bird species to certain levels of altitude was also observed. Weights of 38 resident species, and the same number of migratory species were recorded. Pre-migratory weight gain for most migrants was noted mainly in spring. Breeding and moulting activities were observed in 27 species. Details of breeding of the Gambage Dusky Flycatcher in the Arabian peninsula was described for the first time. The duration of moult was usually rather longer than that of similar birds of the north temperature region. Among migratory birds, the White-throated Robin was the only one which showed moulting activity in the study area. The avifaunal composition was determined for each site, and the dynamics of species richness in each month and different seasons were observed. The community structure of the whole study area could be broken down into three major groups of sites, namely : The Tihama sites community, the highland sites community, and the eastern semidesert sites community. Some observations were made on feeding strategies of various different species, and on interactions between species

Annonce : EThOS (UK)

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